The boys have a new video uploaded to its site YouTube. Al parecer, hay un cuarto miembro en la banda. Apparently, there is a fourth member in the band.

joBrOs In..........Dancing With Star


The Jonas sang "Love bug" on Dancing With Star

HaPpY B-dAy FrAnKiE!


Today is the meet's youngest jonas! Hoy esta cumpliendo 8 años Frankie. Today this honor Frankie 8 years. el mas lindo y tierno de todos!! the most beautiful and tender all!




These are the first pictures from the video that the Love Bug Jonas Brothers are recording in San Pedro, California.

Nick, Joe and Kevin met with the American actress of Brazilian descent, Camilla Belle, who will make an appearance as special guest in the video.

The video recording Jonas Love Bug


The Jonas recording the music video for her song Love Bug, promotional second single of her latest album A Little Bit Longer.

Algunos portales norteamericanos, dicen que son del set de la nueva serie JONAS pero al parecer son de el nuevo vídeo clip LOVEBUG de los Jonas Brothers. Some portals Americans say they are set of the new series but it seems Jones is the new video clip of the Lovebug Jonas Brothers.

The Jones ready for new series!


the Jonas were seen working on his latest television project, after being captured Nick with his new pet, were accompanied by the Bonus Jonas [Franklin].

hApPy b-dAy niCk


HaPpY b-dAy NiCk


Jonas Brothers' Nick Jonas turned 16-years-old today on September 16th. How did the famous teen rock star spend his day? By strolling around his neighborhood and walking his puppy dog.
'Burnin Up' star Nick Jonas happily walked around his neighborhood giving the paparazzi a thumbs up and allowing them to take pictures of him as his new lab. I'm sure many will be happy to know that Nick Jonas can now get a permit to drive.

jobros ina benefit concert!!!


Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus were together at the benefit concert hosted by the asocion Disney with the City of Hope Foundation.

"We are honored and grateful for the generosity of Disney, Creative Artists Agency and the dedication of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers to give their support to the work of saving lives from City of Hope (City of Hope)," said Michael A. Friedman, MD, Chairman and Chief Executive of City of Hope.

in The concert was also demi lovato!

we love this words


So many stories of JoBros and so little time to post all. This is what happens to me this note which was published more than a month ago in the OceanUP that at the request of a frequent reader of my blog I have translated because I looked very interesting in so far as they reveal details of the very nice personality of one of the Jonas Brothers. Here the traduccs:

Pop rocker Joe Jonas recently had an interview with the magazine Dolly impressive in Australia about life, love and girls! Classic.

DOLLY: What are you looking at a girl?
JOE: Someone who smile with his eyes, that is cheerful, and that is to view itself not for others.

DOLLY: Who is the celebrity you most like?
JOE: There are a few! Natalie Portman is one of them, and so although I am not a fan of Harry Potter, I like Emma Watson. Every day it becomes more beautiful and more adult!

DOLLY: So is that you do not like the blondes? (Will Chelsea Staub? Lol)
JOE: Oh, no! Not that I prefer the girls brown or blond, he left a meeting with both. It's just that for me the personality of a young girl is the most important thing. I love knowing that I can have fun with it and not have the printing concern.

DOLLY: What is the most insane you've done for a girl?
JOE: I made a trip to americas girl from Australia while on tour. Yes, it was Australian.

DOLLY: What things you do not like?
JOE: I do not like cursing, so I like to hear swear not a girl. None of smoking, nor I like to talk too much of myself.

DOLLY: What do to alleviate a heart broken? (As for example after breaking AJ Michalka!)
JOE: You need to do fun things, play baseball. Girls should go shopping. Only that, go shopping!

DOLLY: How do know a girl you like?
JOE: I am the most cosy group, as you probably already have told you. I love to give lots of hugs to the girls. Ey, I am hugs Maasen long talking about those who give to my brothers!

DOLLY: Do keep your promise of virginity before marriage but find a girl that you really like a lot?
JOE: When you really believe in something, does not cost much to say no. We have our values and symbols that respect, so I also think I met the right person.

The Jonas Brothers Plan To Design Clothing Line


The Jonas Brothers are looking to dive into the world of clothing, as they plan to turn designers for a new range.

The pop siblings have revealed that besides a love of music, they also love fashion: "A clothing line is definitely in our future plans," says Joe Jonas. "We've always loved fashion."

"It's not one of our major plans - I don't know if we were born to design clothes - but we'll see." Jonas continued.

Jonas Brothers Not Upset with Russell Brand


After Russell Brand leaned into the Jonas Brothers incessantly about their purity rings and committment to remain virgins, the Brothers say they have no hard feelings. Brand later apologized after the backlash from fans and - in particular- Jordin Sparks, a purity ring wearer herself who came to the Jonas Brothers’ defense on stage at the 2008 MTV VMAs.

“For us it’s cool to see that he recognizes we are gentleman,” said Nick Jonas

If anything, it seems they had a problem with his one-track material. Kevin Jonas went on to say: ”I think he focused on certain things and didn’t move off of them. People’s attention spans in America need more than that.”

(( well in my opinion they are really good guys an dthey can do everything they want so russell you are really out of this decition !!!!!!....we love you guys!!!



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the jonas's girlfriends???????

The paparazzi were able to photograph the Jonas Brothers along with their girlfriends on leaving the nightclub Tao in New York.
In the pictures we see Joe Jonas alongside Taylor Swift ??????????, followed by Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez. (Thats ok) Kevin, the older brother of the group, also was there apart from a handful care backs that helped them leave the place