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I know I wrote a lot tonight but we wanted to talk about our trip to Europe this week.

We were asked to leave by the time our television program to go to Europe to promote our new CD. Fue increíble ver a nuestros fans de otros países. It was amazing to see our fans in other countries.

On Sunday, there was a special broadcast MTV TRL for us. Fue emocionante porque Milán fue una gran parada en la gira con Avril Lavigne. It was exciting because Milan was a major stop on the tour with Avril Lavigne.

There were 20,000 people on the square waiting like a lot of people in the streets near MTV. Era una locura. It was crazy. Some of these were huge sheets with photos and drawings. Italia nos dio una gran bienvenida. Italy gave us a great welcome.

Last summer we had to cancel our concert in Spain due to a strike by truckers. Hicimos una firma de autografos en un importante centro comercial. We did a signing autographs at a major shopping mall.

The crowd was enormous and security had to intervene twice. Finally we had to leave because of the large crowd. Nuestros fans españoles nos alentaron mucho. Our Spanish fans encouraged us a lot.

Then we went to Germany and as always the people was amazing. There were people outside of each site and TV show (that we were going). We love Germany but this time we are where we feel more loved.

Next stop London. The UK is an incredible place and the first thing we did was go to our favorite French restaurant. Once again, hubian people out of every radio station, television, etc. We surprised many people to show us their support. Thank you

The last stop was Paris, France. Only things did promotion in Paris. The fans were amazing and we are still everywhere. French fans are so passionate.

Do not die for return to Europe. Then we flew home but we made a stop in Phoenix, Arizona, to play at a special figure skating. The fans made us feel so loved. Thanks for all the love.

For all the fans ... Thanks for being so incredible. To our fans in the United States who have been there from the beginning. For fans in Europe who encouraged us this week. For fans that we need to know ...

THE love!

JB Kevin, Joe and Nick

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Jonas Brothers Break Up: Taylor Swift Dumped by Joe Jonas by Phone, Report Claims

Say it ain't so Joe. Did Jonas Brothers star Joe Jonas dump rising country star Taylor Swift by cell phone? That's the claim from Us Weekly magazine in an item that is published in this week's issue that hits many newsstands on Wednesday. The magazine cites an insider that claims that the adorable rumored couple are split almost as quickly as they began.

Jonas Brothers Break Up: Taylor Swift Dumped by Joe Jonas by Phone, Report Claims

Us Weekly reports, that the "Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas’ relationship is over — before it was ever official! A source tells the Hot Stuff section of the magazine that the couple, who dated for several months, called it quits in early Octo­ber.


It sounds like the end was rough for Taylor or at least that is the way it is portrayed by the chatty source that was willing to dish the insider information to Us magazine. "He broke her heart,” the insider says. The coun­try star, 18, and the Jonas Brothers singer, 19, never confirmed their relationship.

Were they ever really together - are they really split if they ever were together? Cue the reps ™: Reps for both stars declined to comment.